Google Q&A Feature

Q&A Feature Are Added to Google Maps and Search

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  • Aug 17,2017
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Google Maps for Android and mobile search get a Q&A feature today, which support the user to ask a question directly on the interface. In order to get a straightforward user experiences, Google launch the Question and Answers feature on its Google Maps for Android and mobile search, this new function will allow the user […]

13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro

2017 13-Inch Macbook Pro With Touch Bar Are Added To Refurbished Store

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  • Aug 14,2017
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Do you often go to buy something from Apple’s Refurbished Store online? The Apple now offers another refurbished product on the store, which is the 13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar. 13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro is the first product of 2017 Apple machines that available on the refurbished store, and it offers 15 […]


Google Engineer’s “Anti-Diversity Manifesto” Gets Strongly Condemned

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  • Aug 07,2017
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Recently, a 10-page manifesto written by a Google employee arguing against gender diversity are widely shared by Google staff and the public, and it sparks outrage among many people. According to the memo he wrote, this unknown male employee criticized the company’s efforts to improve workforce diversity, and though that the lopsided [...]


Spotify Hits 60 Million Paid Subscribers – Twice As Big As Apple Music

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  • Aug 01,2017
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Are you a subscriber of Spotify’s or Apple’s music streaming service? Just in recently, Spotify has reached and over 60 million paid subscribers, which is now twice as big as Apple Music. As one of the most famous and biggest music streaming service in nowadays, Spotify has been attracted more than 140 million people all […]

Telegram self-destructing messages

Telegram Adds Self-Destructing Photos & Videos Like Snapchat

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  • Jul 25,2017
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Encrypted messaging app Telegram released a new version (version 4.2) on Sunday, which makes it get the self-destructing messages feature like Snapchat. According to a blog post of the company in yesterday, This new feature in the Telegram app will allow people to send “self-destructing” photos and videos, which can disappear [...]

uninstall Kuaizip

Important Tips About Uninstalling Kuaizip From Windows System

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  • Jul 11,2017
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Have you ever used the kuaizip for compressing files on your computer and need to uninstall it now? As many people can’t find an effective way to get rid of this application from the PC, I would like to talk somethings about the important things you should know about this program removal on the Windows […]


Microsoft confirms Windows 10 source code has leaked

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  • Jul 04,2017
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Microsoft confirmed in this week that some of the Windows 10 source code as been leak online, which associated with the Microsoft’s USB, storage, and Wi-Fi drivers in Windows 10. Leaked source code has been posted to Beta Archive, which is a enthusiast site that collect the Windows releases, which can share to the members […]


Google Won’t Scan Your Gmail For Ad Targeting

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  • Jun 26,2017
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Generally, Google will scan its users’ gmails for collecting the personal data to tailor ads to the users, but now, it decides to stop scanning the gmail, and will take in action later of this year. Till now, Google would scan and collect the personal keywords from the gmails, so that they can use these […]

Microsoft Office in Windows Store

Microsoft Office Now Available on the Windows Store

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  • Jun 20,2017
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Fierce competition of the computer technology force the IT companies and labs to work hard on developing powerful and better products and services, and Microsoft also focuses on improve its services and devices with very fast steps. And now, it starts to make the Microsoft Office available on the Windows Store. Microsoft in recently announced [...]

twitter new look

Twitter Gets a New Look On Its Website And Mobile Applications

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  • Jun 16,2017
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Twitter has been faced criticism and feedback for a long time for the unfriendly design of the website and mobile applications, and now it finally rolls out a new look which making it easier and faster to use. Complex interface and use of the website and mobile applications are usually criticized by the Twitter users, […]