Important Tips About Uninstalling Kuaizip From Windows System

uninstall Kuaizip

Have you ever used the kuaizip for compressing files on your computer and need to uninstall it now? As many people can’t find an effective way to get rid of this application from the PC, I would like to talk somethings about the important things you should know about this program removal on the Windows system.

All about kuaizip

kuaizip is a free compressor software developed by Shanghai Guangle Network Technology Co. Its installation on the computer will bring a lot of files, and a context menu handler to the Windows shell, in additional, some files and data like a class of {6ADF19E3-77A3-4395-ADB4-9FD7D351EB3F} also added to the Windows Explorer. Before start to remove kuaizip from the computer, you should make clear where the associated files are on your PC, and then you can remove them completely with ease.

Although the program claims itself as a authentic applications, some security tools and websites categorized it as a virus/threat, which could do harm to the computer’s security. No matter what’s the reason make you decide to uninstall kuaizip, the following tips will help you to remove it well.

Important tips to uninstall kuaizip from the computer

To get rid of the program on the PC, you should follow some roles and steps to perform the removal in a right way, otherwise, additional problems and issues will be triggered and create more troubles for you to remove the program effectively.

  • Step 1: disable the program completely on the computer
  • Step 2: disable associated add-on on web browser
  • Step 3: take professional uninstaller or Windows removing feature to remove it
  • Step 4: follow the uninstall wizard and choose to remove all of configurations of the program
  • Step 5: restart the computer after removing the application completely.

Instructions from this post will tell you how to do in details to remove kuaizip from the computer:



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