Google Won’t Scan Your Gmail For Ad Targeting

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  • Jun 26,2017
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Generally, Google will scan its users’ gmails for collecting the personal data to tailor ads to the users, but now, it decides to stop scanning the gmail, and will take in action later of this year. Till now, Google would scan and collect the personal keywords from the gmails, so that they can use these […]

Microsoft Office in Windows Store

Microsoft Office Now Available on the Windows Store

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  • Jun 20,2017
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Fierce competition of the computer technology force the IT companies and labs to work hard on developing powerful and better products and services, and Microsoft also focuses on improve its services and devices with very fast steps. And now, it starts to make the Microsoft Office available on the Windows Store. Microsoft in recently announced [...]

twitter new look

Twitter Gets a New Look On Its Website And Mobile Applications

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  • Jun 16,2017
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Twitter has been faced criticism and feedback for a long time for the unfriendly design of the website and mobile applications, and now it finally rolls out a new look which making it easier and faster to use. Complex interface and use of the website and mobile applications are usually criticized by the Twitter users, […]

Windows 10 Update

Learn to Manage Windows 10 Update on Your PC

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  • Jun 12,2017
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People who used the Windows 8 and Windows 10 before must had experienced the automatic and force update for the OS, which bring a lot of inconveniences and troubles. And now, the situation has been improved significantly, and Microsoft has been change the Windows update and allow people to manage the update installation by themselves. […]


Apple is Working on Develop An AI Chip For iOS Devices

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  • Jun 06,2017
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Recently, Apple is developing a dedicated AI processing chip to enhance the capacities of related tasks on its devices, such as save battery life and facial recognition, according to the Bloomberg reports. Artificial intelligence (short for AI) is a trend and important issue in nowadays for the tech product and services, more and more [...]