YouTube ends “unskippable” 30-second ads from next year

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  • Feb 21,2017
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Do you feel annoying to looking the “unskippable” 30-second advertisements before watching the video you like on YouTube? Google confirms that YouTube will stop the “unskippable” 30-second ads on the video-streaming service from 2018. “We’re committed to providing a better ads experience for users online. As [...]

Microsoft bumps up UK Surface prices

Microsoft bumps up UK Surface prices because Brexit

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  • Feb 17,2017
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As the Brexit vote happen, many companies are affected by the weakness of the pound against the dollar, and start to adjust their products’ prices in the UK. And now, the Microsoft also bumps up the Surface prices, people should pay more £150 and £400 for a Surface book in UK. Surface book is a […]

check disk errors in Windows 10

Guides to Check Disk Errors in Windows 10

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  • Feb 08,2017
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Computer system reporting error is always a headache for many common users, and the problems in hard drive are often the causes of these annoying errors on the computer. To find out the specific reason of the error and figure it out, Check Disk utility provided by the Windows OS will be a very useful […]