How to Uninstall Popcorn Time from Windows

Do you get Popcorn Time on your PC and now encounter some troubles to remove it? In order to make clear about the proper way to uninstall Popcorn Time, the following content and knowledge will be useful for you.


What is Popcorn Time?

uninstall Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time serves as a multi-platform that allows users to watch films and video and download them via torrent clients.

About Popcorn Time’s removal

Upon installation, the program will and some controller services which enable the app itself can run automatically. In addition, a great deal of files and configurations will also be created to support users via torrent clients as well as watch video online. So, to totally remove this program, it is usually a big problem for many common users.

To remove this kind of program smoothly, you should get some useful tips and skills to perform the uninstallation correctly on the PC. And there are some available removal ways that you can follow to conduct the removal.

Feasible ways to uninstall Popcorn Time from PC

1.Remove it manually from Windows

  • For latest Windows version (Windows 8.1/10):
  • Right-click on the Start >>> Programs and Features
  • For latest Windows version(Windows 7):
  • Click on Start >>> Control Panel >>> Uninstall a Program
  • Highlight Popcorn Time on the list, and click on Uninstall


  • Click Yes to make sure you want to complete uninstall the program


  • Wait for the removal getting finished, and then click on OK


If you had tried to uninstall Popcorn Time or other programs in this way but resulted in an incomplete or unsuccessful removal, in fact, many people would get this common problem. You should take some additional manual steps to clean its leftovers on the computer.

  • Make sure the installation folder of the program has been deleted. Otherwise, you should empty everything inside the folder, and then delete it permanently
  • Enter “regedit” in the search box, and hit Enter key to open Registry Editor
  • Enfold those folders inside, and delete the registry groups and entries belonging to the Popcorn Time

To uninstall the program in an easier and faster way, you can consider to take an advanced tool to help you remove the program from the computer.

2.Take professional tool to uninstall Popcorn Time

Professional app uninstall tool is an automatic way to remove program from computer. Different from the traditional manual removal, it can scan all of files belonging to the program on the computer, and provide a quick way to remove them completely. If you have no a better solution to deal with this Popcorn Time removal on your PC, you can try to uninstall it with a qualified software uninstaller.

Steps to uninstall Popcorn Time with removal utility

  • Start the uninstaller on your PC
  • Find Popcorn Time on the list, and select it
  • Follow the prompt to scan the program on the computer, and then click on the Remove button to get rid of it on the computer

uninstall Popcorn Time

  • When finish, exit the uninstall and restart the computer, all of this app’s files will be cleaned out permanently after refreshing the Windows system



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