How to Change or Convert Word to TXT file

Change or Convert Word to TXT file

TXT is a type of file that does not contain any format inside the content, which enables the user to add the content to any other format of file, and it is much smaller than many others type of documents. As one of the most common use file type, Word documents often need to be changed to the TXT file for the better use of the content and storage, and the following methods all can help you convert the Word to TXT.

First option: copy the content in Word and paste to a brand-new TXT file

  • Open the Word document, and press Ctrl+A to select all
  • And then, press Ctrl+C to copy all of content
  • Create a new TXT file and open it, press Ctrl+V to paste the content into the TXT
  • Save the file on your computer

Second option:

  • Open the Word document, click on the Word menu at the top left corner
  • Select “Save as” in the drop down menu, enter a new name for the document
  • select “plain text” in the “Save as type” box, and click Save

Third option:

There are some third party converters and online converters are also available for converting the Word document to TXT file, but it often takes some of time to perform and does not perform as easily as the above two ways, so it is usually not needed to invite a converter to change your Word document to TXT file.


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