uninstall Dr.Web

How Can Fix Dr.Web Removing Issues And Uninstall It Successfully

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  • Jan 25,2018
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Dr.Web is a security solutions vendor of Russia that provides protection services for users’ computer, but removing this antivirus program is often a hard nut to crack, people usually encounter this or that of problems that make the app cannot be removed smoothly on the Windows. Removing issues happening during the Dr.Web uninstallation [...]

Microsoft moving Cortana

Microsoft is reportedly moving Cortana to the Action Center

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  • Jan 19,2018
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With the coming of new year, news and rumors about Microsoft going to give up Cortana are often found on many platforms and social media, and now, it seems like the issue about Cortana continues to be discussed again, because it is reported that Microsoft will move Cortana to the Action Center in Windows 10. […]


Google Quietly Bought UK Startup Redux

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  • Jan 12,2018
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Alphabet, the umbrella corporation of Google, Inc. etc. quietly acquired Redux, a UK startup company which is focus on technology like turn your screen into a speaker. According the a report from bloomberg, Google has quietly acquired this startup company and reflected on Crunchbase, but the exact date when the purchase was made is not […]

Meltdown and Spectre Flaws

Fix for Intel Chip Flaw May Slow Down PCs and Macs

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  • Jan 05,2018
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Recently, a major security flaw was found in in many modern processors and could seriously affect the data security on the computer, and Intel did a quick respond and released a new security updates which claims to protect the computer against the Intel chip flaw, but many people thing that it is not a good […]