Facebook testing to post GIFs

Facebook testing to post GIFs in comments

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  • Mar 27,2017
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Recently, Facebook just introduced a new feature of supporting GIFs from Google’s Gboard keyboard in its Messenger, and soon after that, it is heard that Facebook will start to test a new GIF button in the posts’ comment section, which told by TechCrunch. Although Facebook has been a social media giant in the world, the […]

Windows Reliability Monitor

How to Fix the PC Problems with Windows Reliability Monitor

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  • Mar 24,2017
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Do you often experience a system error or issue on your computer? Does your computer frequently restart or get frozen without knowing the reason? If these problems often occur on your PC, you should find out the reason and fix them with Windows Reliability Monitor. What’s Windows Reliability Monitor? Reliability Monitor is a built-in [...]

snapchat Bitmoji widgets

Snapchat brings Bitmoji widgets for Messaging Friends Faster

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  • Mar 16,2017
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Snapchat app just published a new widget feature which is called Bitmoji, it can be applied in iOS and Android applications, and provides a quicker access to messaging. Bitmoji widgets has already been released and people can get this new feature via updating the application on their devices, with this widget, you can instantly chat […]

clean Tor Browser

How to clean Tor Browser totally from computer

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  • Mar 06,2017
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Tor Browser (or named Tor Browser bundle) is created by Tor Project and aims at enhancing the security and protecting privacy when surfing online with the web browser. Its core technology was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Lab and D.A.R.P.A. and many people regard it as a security and reliable app, so that many […]

File Type of Attachment From Gmail

People cannot Sent This File Type of Attachment From Gmail Now

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  • Mar 01,2017
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Recently, Google has made an announcement that .js files are not allowed to be sent as the attachment of Gmail from February 13. Due to the concern of security of Gmail, Google has decided to block .js file type on the email as it contains a potential security issue. So, from February 13, people will […]