Parental Controls on the Mac

How to Set Up Parental Controls on the Mac

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  • Nov 17,2016
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When children are using the computer, do you worry about they would deleting your important files, damaging the installed applications, using the computer for a long time or mistakenly visiting some unsafe websites? As a parent, you should know how to set up a parental control on the Mac, and make sure your kids have […]

Log-in Screen Wallpaper

How to customize the Log-in Screen Wallpaper in OS X

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  • Nov 10,2016
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Do you think the log-in screen wallpaper on your Mac computer are really boring and monotonous? It may be much better to change the wallpaper to your own image, and then you could see something you like when you start your PC, and doing the change will not require you to buy or need any […]