How to customize the Log-in Screen Wallpaper in OS X

Log-in Screen Wallpaper

Do you think the log-in screen wallpaper on your Mac computer are really boring and monotonous? It may be much better to change the wallpaper to your own image, and then you could see something you like when you start your PC, and doing the change will not require you to buy or need any other app and you can complete it by yourself.

Different versions of Mac OS usually require different steps and modifications to make that change, but it has been much easier and similar to change the log-in screen wallpaper in the recent versions of OS X.

Steps to change log-in screen wallpaper in OS X

  1. Find an image(PNG format) you want to be your log-in screen wallpaper online, and save on Finder
  2. Rename the file name as
  3. Click on Go on the Apple menu, and select Go to Folder…
  4. Type “/Library/Caches/” into the box, and hit Return, the Caches folder in the Library will be opened
  5. Locate the file “” in the folder, which is the current wallpaper of your computer, and you should move it to other location for backup
  6. Drag the image you have prepared from the Finder to the Caches

After that, the log-in screen wallpaper will be changed to the image you like, and you can log out your user account, and log-in again to check the change on the computer’s log-in screen.


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