Twitter Lite

Twitter New ‘Lite’ Version Created for Data-Starved Users

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  • Apr 06,2017
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Twitter released a new version on Wednesday named “Twitter Lite”, which largely aimed at users outside the United States who are not so easy to connect to the Twitter all the time. Different from the previous version which only available for the stand-alone phone application, this new version is specially used via a web browser, [...]

snapchat Bitmoji widgets

Snapchat brings Bitmoji widgets for Messaging Friends Faster

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  • Mar 16,2017
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Snapchat app just published a new widget feature which is called Bitmoji, it can be applied in iOS and Android applications, and provides a quicker access to messaging. Bitmoji widgets has already been released and people can get this new feature via updating the application on their devices, with this widget, you can instantly chat […]