How to fix common Spotify problems on Windows system

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  • Dec 30,2016
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Spotify is a well-known music service from Sweden, it provides such specific services like podcast, video streaming and music service, however, many people would encounter this of that of issues when using this program on the computer, maybe you are encountering these problems and looking for a resolution to fix them. Common issues of Spotify [...]

instagram stickers

Instagram Stories’s New Updates For Holiday – limited Holiday Stickers

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  • Dec 21,2016
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Want more decorations and fun with your Holiday? Instagram Stories continues to lease a set of interesting holiday stickers which can be added to your photos and videos in your “story”, and you can update your Instagram and get these stickers now. The new Holiday Stickers are the special and time-limited stickers that are only […]


How to Change Your PC’s Name in Windows 10

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  • Dec 14,2016
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When people buy a new computer or perform a clean installation of Windows 10, the computer may be set a default name like “windows-user-pc” or “TUF00046491eTE”. Some people just don’t like the name and want to customize a new name they like. If you don’t know how to do, here are just detailed instructions [...]

Change or Convert Word to TXT file

How to Change or Convert Word to TXT file

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  • Dec 05,2016
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TXT is a type of file that does not contain any format inside the content, which enables the user to add the content to any other format of file, and it is much smaller than many others type of documents. As one of the most common use file type, Word documents often need to be […]

Create shutdown icon on Desktop

How Can Create a Shutdown Shortcuts on the Desktop

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  • Dec 02,2016
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Generally, when people need to shutdown the computer, they need to open the Start menu, and select the right shutdown item from the list, and some people might often mistakenly click on Restart item when they just need to shutdown the PC. So, it will be useful for you to create a shutdown icon on […]