How to fix common Spotify problems on Windows system


Spotify is a well-known music service from Sweden, it provides such specific services like podcast, video streaming and music service, however, many people would encounter this of that of issues when using this program on the computer, maybe you are encountering these problems and looking for a resolution to fix them.

Common issues of Spotify program:

  1. Account hacked. Personal information are stolen by the hankers from the account
  2. Spotify cannot be launched
  3. Cannot Add Local Files to a playlist
  4. Unable to download Songs for Offline Playback
  5. Spotify keeps deleting all the “offlined” (downloaded) tracks

Available resolutions to fix Spotify problems on PC

1. Restart Spotify

Temporary errors usually happen when the Spotify cannot be loaded completely when start up, restarting the program on the computer usually can fix it.

2. Restart the computer

When the computer cannot start up completely or losing some files or configurations for the improper operations, Spotify’s performances would be affected and cannot be used smoothly as usual, in this case, you can close the app, and reboot the computer for a try.

3.Clean caches inside the program

When the Spotify being used for a long time, many caches will be created and accumulated on the computer, which would be cause an obstruction for the program’s performance. In order to make it run faster and more efficiently in the future, the data in the cache will be cleared instantly.

4. Uninstall Spotify and install again if you want to continue to use it

If the program issues cannot be fixed well after you trying many resolutions, the most effective and direct way to resolve it will be removing the application on your computer. All of problems will be fixed well when you uninstall Spotify on the PC, and you can try to reinstall it if you want to continue to use the program on your computer.


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