Washington State Suing Google And Facebook

Washington State Suing Google And Facebook for Violating Associated Laws

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  • Jun 07,2018
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Early this week, Washington state filed lawsuits against Google and Facebook over the election advertisement details’ disclosure Recently, political advertisements and election manipulation evoke heated discussions in the United States, more and more scandal and news are exposed on the public. According to the lawsuits of Washington [...]

Google hiring discrimination

YouTube Recruiter Sues Google For ‘Hiring Discrimination’

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  • Mar 05,2018
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Google sued by a former YouTube employee in recently, for allegedly refusing to hire the white and Asian men for technical positions. According to the Lawsuit, YouTube is allegedly hiring for some positions to only look for female, black, and Hispanic or Latinx applicants, and the white and Asian men are just excluded. Discrimination has […]


Google Quietly Bought UK Startup Redux

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  • Jan 12,2018
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Alphabet, the umbrella corporation of Google, Inc. etc. quietly acquired Redux, a UK startup company which is focus on technology like turn your screen into a speaker. According the a report from bloomberg, Google has quietly acquired this startup company and reflected on Crunchbase, but the exact date when the purchase was made is not […]

Anti-Semitic Campaign

Facebook, Google And Twitter Reportedly Allowed Anti-Semitic Campaign

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  • Sep 18,2017
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Racism is a very hot issue in these days, and it seems like several tech giants are getting involved in this campaign and criticized by many people. Just several days before, ProPublica found that they can target ads to categories like “Jew hater” and “how to burn Jews” and also a common users can use […]

Google And Walmart

Google And Walmart Allies To Compete With Amazon

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  • Aug 23,2017
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When purchase something online, which website you should like to choose first? Amazon, the online retail giant in recently get a big competitor, and it is from the e-commerce alliance between Google and Walmart. Google and Walmart said on Wednesday that they formed an e-commerce alliance which will focus on the online retail market. From […]


Google Engineer’s “Anti-Diversity Manifesto” Gets Strongly Condemned

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  • Aug 07,2017
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Recently, a 10-page manifesto written by a Google employee arguing against gender diversity are widely shared by Google staff and the public, and it sparks outrage among many people. According to the memo he wrote, this unknown male employee criticized the company’s efforts to improve workforce diversity, and though that the lopsided [...]


Google Won’t Scan Your Gmail For Ad Targeting

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  • Jun 26,2017
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Generally, Google will scan its users’ gmails for collecting the personal data to tailor ads to the users, but now, it decides to stop scanning the gmail, and will take in action later of this year. Till now, Google would scan and collect the personal keywords from the gmails, so that they can use these […]

File Type of Attachment From Gmail

People cannot Sent This File Type of Attachment From Gmail Now

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  • Mar 01,2017
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Recently, Google has made an announcement that .js files are not allowed to be sent as the attachment of Gmail from February 13. Due to the concern of security of Gmail, Google has decided to block .js file type on the email as it contains a potential security issue. So, from February 13, people will […]


YouTube ends “unskippable” 30-second ads from next year

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  • Feb 21,2017
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Do you feel annoying to looking the “unskippable” 30-second advertisements before watching the video you like on YouTube? Google confirms that YouTube will stop the “unskippable” 30-second ads on the video-streaming service from 2018. “We’re committed to providing a better ads experience for users online. As [...]