How to clean Tor Browser totally from computer

clean Tor Browser

Tor Browser (or named Tor Browser bundle) is created by Tor Project and aims at enhancing the security and protecting privacy when surfing online with the web browser. Its core technology was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Lab and D.A.R.P.A. and many people regard it as a security and reliable app, so that many people would choose to install this program on their computers to protect their privacy and and security when accessing to the Internet. As a app which gets a great number of users all around the world, many of its users are confused about how to remove Tor Browser on the computer when they should clean it completely on the machine.

Tor Browser is more complicated that other web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, to remove this program completely on the computer, you will not only need to uninstall the browser, but also clean its configurations which used to support its auto start-up and background processes, as well as the add-on in other web browsers and registry keys in the system, however, this is just the problem of totally cleaning Tor Browser on the computer, it is difficult for the common users to handle these removing jobs effectively by themselves.

What if the program cannot be removed totally on the computer? Have you ever been advised to restore the Windows system to a previous date before the program being installed on your PC? If you wonder uninstall Tor Browser and reduce the troublesome steps of totally remove it, you will need a professional uninstall utility to help you perform the app removal completely.



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