Microsoft bumps up UK Surface prices because Brexit

Microsoft bumps up UK Surface prices

As the Brexit vote happen, many companies are affected by the weakness of the pound against the dollar, and start to adjust their products’ prices in the UK. And now, the Microsoft also bumps up the Surface prices, people should pay more £150 and £400 for a Surface book in UK.

Surface book is a Microsoft‘s own-brand laptop that also available at UK, and people can choose to purchase the book from Microsoft’s online store, however, thanks to the Brexit vote, the Surface prices change, people should pay at least 150 more for a Surface Book, and the price of Core i7 configuration has been increased by £400, which is over 15 percent. The company states that “These changes only affect products and services purchased by individuals, or organisations without volume licensing contracts.”

There will be many products being affected by the weakness of the pound which caused by the Brexit vote, so the increased price of Surface book is just an epitome and small part of the market affected by the vote.


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