Learn to Manage Windows 10 Update on Your PC

Windows 10 Update

People who used the Windows 8 and Windows 10 before must had experienced the automatic and force update for the OS, which bring a lot of inconveniences and troubles. And now, the situation has been improved significantly, and Microsoft has been change the Windows update and allow people to manage the update installation by themselves. So now, let’s see how many ways you can take to manage the Windows 10 update on the computer.

Way 1 – Set Active Hours

Current version of Windows 10 allows the user to set active hours, which can tell the Windows system when you are using or working on the computer, during these active hours, the Windows won’t restart the computer after installing updates at the background.

  1. To set the active hours on your PC, please refer to the following steps:
  2. Click to open the Start menu, and click on Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update
  3. Go to the Update settings, and click “Change Active Hours”
  4. Set a time you don’t want the system reboot on the panel

Way 2 – Pick A Time to Install Update

When there are new updates available on your PC, you will see a notification from Windows 10 Creators Update, which provides three options for the update installation: Restart now, Pick a time and Snooze. And then you can choose the time you would like to install the update.

Way 3 – Set Restart Option

Restarting computer after installing the update is a necessary and indispensable step to complete the Windows update, if you don’t want to reboot the PC after the update, you can change the restart time via changing the associated settings Windows.

  1. Open Start menu, and head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update
  2. Click on Restart options, and set a schedule a restart time for the Windows system on the panel.


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