Microsoft Office Now Available on the Windows Store

Microsoft Office in Windows Store

Fierce competition of the computer technology force the IT companies and labs to work hard on developing powerful and better products and services, and Microsoft also focuses on improve its services and devices with very fast steps. And now, it starts to make the Microsoft Office available on the Windows Store.

Microsoft in recently announced that Microsoft Office is available for the users on the Windows Store, but now it is only available for the devices with Windows 10 S, which is a new and specific operating system that only can download and install application from the Windows Store. Surface Laptop is the first device that applies this special version of OS, which is regarded to compete with the MacBooks. So now, people who get the Surface Laptop can download and install Microsoft Office from the Store, and moreover, Microsoft also provides a free one-year subscription to Office 365 personal, and those people can get and use this application suite for free for one year.

According to Microsoft’s website and the representative for the company, “the install and update process for Office in the Windows Store is currently in preview“, and “it will be available for purchase in the Windows Store by the end of this year.”



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