Q&A Feature Are Added to Google Maps and Search

Google Q&A Feature

Google Maps for Android and mobile search get a Q&A feature today, which support the user to ask a question directly on the interface.

In order to get a straightforward user experiences, Google launch the Question and Answers feature on its Google Maps for Android and mobile search, this new function will allow the user to ask questions about a place as well as answer the questions other users posted. In this way, people can get more direct and useful information via asking the place on the app.

To access this feature in Google Maps, please scroll down in the business’ listing, and you will find a new Q&A section there. Since this is the first time this new feature put into use on the app, there may be no any question on answer listed at there, but it will change with the over time. And business owners will receive a notification when there is a new question, which will let them respond to the question they know more quickly on the app.



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