How can Uninstall WinZip Thoroughly from Windows

WinZip not listed on the Windows’ Control Panel and you don’t know how to uninstall WinZip from your PC? Or encounter other problem to remove this program? You may need to read this post and try again.

Program overview

uninstall WinZip

WinZip is a file archiver and compressor WinZip Computing, S.L. It is capable for creating archives in different formats, which including those most common formats like ZIP, TAR, Z, GZ, TAZ and etc.

Official website:
Default installation folder: C:\Program Files1\WINZIP\
Uninstaller: “C:\Program Files\WinZip\WINZIP32.EXE” /uninstall64
Estimated size: 4.99 MB
General installed files and registry keys:

General reasons of unsuccessful Winzip removal:

Several people encounter the Winzip does not appear on the list of Windows’ removing feature, so they can’t take the traditional way to remove Winzip manually from the computer. This is probably because the program was not installed completely on the PC, or it has been corrupted beforehand.

Some other people might get an incomplete removal issue of the application on their machines. And it seems like more and more people get stuck in this trouble recently. In this case, you need to know where the leftovers are, and delete them thoroughly from the computer. Or you also can choose to take a professional uninstaller to help you perform the app removal more effectively.


Feasible removal ways to uninstall Winzip from PC

1.Windows traditional removal way

  • Go to check and stop WinZip running on the computer, including at the background, and then close all of web browsers.
  • Click on the Windows button in the left side of the task-bar, and click All apps
  • Scroll down and find WinZip on the list, and right-click on it
  • Select Uninstall on the sub-menu, and you will go to the Windows removing feature in Control Panel
  • Highlight WinZip on the list, and click Uninstall/Change

uninstall WinZip

  • Click Yes for confirmation and continue the removal


  • Wait for a while until the removing process finished, and then reboot the computer
  • When come back to the computer desktop, check the previous install directory of the program and make sure its installation folder has been deleted
  • Move the cursor to the Search box in the task-bar, and enter “regedit”
  • Click regedit on the search result to open system’s Registry Editor
  • Expand the registry group insides and check them one by one, delete the registry keys of WinZip

This removal way only can be applied by those users who can find WinZip listed on Windows’ Programs and Features. If you cannot find the program available on the list, you won’t be able to remove WinZip in this way.

2.Take professional app remover to uninstall WinZip

Specific app removal is a popular way for many people in nowadays to remove their unneeded program on the computer. Unlike the Windows uninstaller which requires users to conduct the removal manually and clear those leftovers. People can get a complete uninstallation easily with this utility.

Common steps to uninstall WinZip with an uninstaller

  • Get a reliable app removal tool on the computer, and start it
  • Select WinZip on the programs list, and follow the instructions to start the removal
  • When finish, exit the uninstaller and restart your computer. Thus, you can complete the program removal on your PC.



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