Uninstall Steam Thoroughly from PC with Easy Ways

When talk about removing Steam app, it seems like people have many questions to uninstall Steam from their computers. So, what’s your problem to remove this program? You can find a good solution here.


About Steam app

uninstall Steam

Steam is a video games platform belonging to the Valve Corporation, and it also video streaming, and social networking services for the user. People can play, manage and update their gaming applications with ease.

Steam’s installation on the computer usually includes these files and registries:


Besides those indispensable installed files, there are many files and data will be created when people playing Steam games. To remove this program completely, you should totally delete those files from the PC.

Back up your important data before remove Steam

Using Steam and playing the game usually creates many data and configurations in Steam’s installation folder. If you don’t sync your savings but want to keep them when removing Steam, you should move the specific files folder outside of the Steam directory. Thus the program removal will not delete the game content from the PC. If you just need to reinstall Steam, you can back up all game content in the Steam’s apps folders.

  1. Close Steam on your computer
  2. Access to Steamapps folder, and copy it (default install directory: C:\Program Files\Steam)
  3. Store the copy on other locations of the computer

Uninstall Steam completely with manual or automatic way

Take manual steps to remove it on Windows

  • Exit Steam on the computer
  • (Right)Click on Windows Start icon, select Apps and Features to open the Windows’ app uninstall platform
  • Select Steam on the list, and click Uninstall


  • On the pop-up removing window, click Uninstall again to start the removal


  • Click Close when the removing process finish


  • Restart the computer, and open Registry Editor. Type “regedit” in the Windows search box, and choose to open it
  • Expand the registry groups inside, and find Steam’s or Valve’s (the publisher) registry


  • Delete the registry and exit
  • Access to the installed directory of Steam, and make sure it has been cleared well and don’t leave any leftovers. Otherwise, you should manually delete these associated files completely from the computer.

Manual removing the program and all of its leftovers may be a hard work for many common people. If you don’t want to take these time-consuming removing steps to uninstall the program next time, you can try the following removal way.

Uninstall Steam with professional app uninstaller

Applying outstanding program uninstaller is an automatic removal way to remove the program. Compare to the conventional removal on Windows, it is able to scan out all of files belonging to the app, and provide a quick and automatic removal to get rid of if from the PC. To totally uninstall Steam from the computer, and you can choose Total Uninstaller to help you complete the removal job with a few of clicks.

  • Launch Total Uninstaller on the computer, and select Steam on the programs list
  • Click on Run Analysis to scan its files on PC

uninstall Steam on PC

  • Click Complete Uninstaller and Yes to start the removal


  • Follow the uninstall wizard to remove its installation folder
  • After then, click on Scan Leftovers button on the uninstaller


  • Hit Delete Leftovers to remove all of vestiges


  • After finishing all of removing jobs, you can refresh the PC via restart the computer

Advantages of using the uninstaller

Traditional uninstall method on Windows usually cannot remove all of components of the program, but the professional third party uninstaller can detect all of files and remove them from the computer. So, it is obviously much easier and more effective to uninstall Steam as well as other programs on PC. And people can save a lot of time in deleting apps and dealing with the leftovers issue.



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