Microsoft Formal Healthcare Group Found With Two New Health Leaders

Microsoft Healthcare

Healthcare is an increasingly hot issue on the Internet, Microsoft also has been worked in this domain for several years, and now, the company announced that a new formal healthcare group is established, and two additional health leaders join to the group.

Before the formal group being found, Microsoft worked in healthcare projects with other firms which have already been working on the subject, which named Healthcare NExT, a company-wide initiative. And now, according to GeekWire, the Microsoft employees who worked in this space before will be unified under the Microsoft Healthcare banner, and the group will belonging to the Microsoft’s AI and Research division.

Two new health leaders hired by Microsoft are Jim Weinstein and Joshua Mandel. Jim Weinstein is the former CEO of New Hampshire’s Dartmouth, and Joshua Mandel, a researcher and former Google Life Sciences IT ecosystems lead. The new group and two new leaders just come immediately after the departure of Chris Jones, who was working on the subject as a product development leader from the very beginning of the subject.


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