How to Bypass the Login Screen Automatically in Windows 10

Bypass Login Screen in Win 10

Since from the Windows 8, Microsoft requires the user to enter their password to log-into their account after starting the computer, and Windows 10 continues this feature and the log-in screen will display be default for any account. If you are the only person that using a specific computer, you can choose to bypass the log-in and log into your computer automatically after changing some associated settings on your PC.

Steps to skip the log-in screen automatically on Win 10

  • Click on the Start button at the bottom left corner, and type “netplwiz” in the box, hit Enter
  • After then, the User Accounts window will appear, select your username on the list of all user accounts, and uncheck the box labeled “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.”
  • Click on the Apply button, and enter your user account’s password if you are required
  • Finally, click on OK to complete the modification and close the window


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