How can Uninstall Overwatch Thoroughly from Windows

As a popular gaming application, many people might be the honor users of Overwatch, when there is a need to uninstall Overwatch but don’t know how to do with it, maybe you can find the most proper solution from the following options to remove the program.

uninstall Overwatch

Actually, there are many different reasons for people needing to remove this program, such as it takes up too many disk space and should be uninstalled, or the game need to be reinstalled to fix the no sound or no license problem. However, it seems like the application cannot be removed as easily as other common programs. And they usually encounter some problems like:

  • The removing process always shuts down with an error and cannot be continued
  • Some processes and files with the program cannot be removed thoroughly
  • It takes a long time to perform the removal and never comes to the end

To get through the removing process and finish the uninstallation successfully, you can refer to the following available options to remove the program.

Available ways to uninstall Overwatch on PC

Option one: remove with desktop app

  • Launch desktop app on the computer, and select Overwatch
  • Click to open Option menu (the gear icon)
  • Click on Uninstall, and finish the program removal with instructions
  • When finish, restart the computer. If you still can find the program’s related files and traces, you should manually clean them completely

(if you need to reinstall this program, you can open the desktop app and install it again)

Option two: use Windows built-in uninstall feature

  • Right-click on the Windows icon to open Power User menu
  • Click Programs and features to access to the Windows uninstall feature
  • Select Overwatch on the list, and click Uninstall
  • After that, you should follow the wizard to complete the removal.
  • For those files still remained on the PC, you also need to manually delete them. And some leftovers are usually found at:

C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Program Files (x86)\gametitle
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Blizzard Entertainment

Option three: apply a removal tool to uninstall Overwatch

If you need a smarter way to remove this program without getting the leftovers issues, you can choose an advanced uninstaller to help you perform the program removal thoroughly. It performs more professionally than the traditional removal on computer.

Note: uninstall Overwatch will not delete your acccount

Some people are not sure whether the Overwatch program removal will also delete their accounts. Actually, uninstalling Overwatch program on the computer will not remove your game account, you also can log into the game again after reinstall it someday, and all of your information and account settings are also contained in your account. If you just need to remove your Overwatch account permanently and delete everything related to the game, you should take additional steps to disable your account, such as contact the support email or create a request as the requirement stated on the official website.



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