Guides to Uninstall Reimage Real Time Protector Completely

How can uninstall Reimage Real Time Protector for good on the computer? This post lists several ways which are all available for removing the program, from which you can choose the right and most effective removal solution according to your specific computer’s situation.

Uninstall Reimage Real Time Protector

About Reimage Real Time Protector – designed and supported by Reimage, this applications is a PC security tool that provide additional protection for the computer. Even though, some people are still suspect that whether it is legit or probably a virus.

If the program is useless for you or you really worry about the security of this program, you can choose to remove it from the computer.

Available ways to uninstall Reimage Real Time Protector

Use traditional uninstaller on Windows

  1. Click to open Start menu, and select Control Panel
  2. Click to launch Windows uninstall feature, usually named Uninstall a program (Windows 7), Programs and Features (Windows 8/8.1/10)
  3. Select Reimage Real Time Protector on the list of programs, and click on Uninstall
  4. Click Yes to confirm about this removal, and follow the uninstall instructions to perform the removal
  5. When finish, exit the uninstaller and reboot the computer
  6. When come back to the desktop, activate Windows search box, and type “regedit” in the box
  7. Hit Enter to open it, you will access to the System Registry Editor
  8. Expand the groups of registry keys inside, and delete the one which is belonging to the Reimage application
  9. If you are worry about deleting a wrong registry, before start to delete it, you can right-click the one you tend to remove, and export it for back up.

Use the program’s uninstall process

Open the program’s location on PC, there is usually an uninstall process in the installation folder. So you can choose to launch this uninstall process to conduct the program removal. After completing the removal, it is also necessary to check for the leftovers including the registry entries on PC.

  1. Stop Reimage Real Time Protector running on the computer
  2. Right-click on the app’s shortcut on the desktop, and select “Open file location”
  3. Scroll down and find the uninstall process (usually named as Uninst.exe or Uninst000.exe)
  4. Double click on it to start the removal
  5. Follow the uninstall wizard to finish the uninstallation step by step
  6. Reboot the computer, and then check for leftovers and delete those related registry keys.

Use a reliable app uninstall tool

App uninstall tool is a kind of popular utility to mange the program removal on PC, it is smarter and more professional in scanning the associated files and removing them completely from computer. So, you can also choose to uninstall Reimage Real Time Protector with a reliable uninstall utility, which is able to help you perform an automatic removal for all data and stubborn files.

In this way, you can finish the whole app uninstall more quickly and thoroughly without further issue like associated files left behind. And more importantly, it is also available for removing other unwanted applications in the future.



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