Facebook and Twitter Will Further Regulate Political Ads

Facebook Twitter Political Ads

Facebook and Twitter made an announcement this week that will release new plans for regulating the political ads.

The two big social platforms announced on Thursday to increase transparency of political campaign ads, and prevents foreign manipulation in the future, especially for the coming midterm elections.


Facebook said it will make a “paid for” label on the top of any political ads in the United States. People only can see the cost of the ad and the demographic breakdown of the audience that viewed the ad via clicking on the label. In addition, they will keep a archive of all political ads for the next seven years, or a full congressional election cycle.


Twitter will add restrictions to the people who running political ads on its service, they must identity themselves and certify they are in the U.S., such as providing a profile photo and other associated markers. What’s more, it also providing prominent visual cues in the future, such as a badge and a disclaimer.

We are committed to enforcing stricter policies for political advertisers and providing clear, transparent disclosure for all ads on Twitter, with more details for political campaigning ads“, said by Vijaya Gadde, who is responsible for Twitter’s legal and public policy, and Bruce Falck, general manager of revenue product.



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