How can Totally Remove µTorrent from the Computer (Update)

remove µTorrent

Do you also experience the µTorrent cannot be uninstalled successfully from the PC? Totally remove µTorrent may need more deleting steps or a better way to get rid of it. So now, let’s start to figure it out and get the most effective removal way.


What’s µTorrent?

µTorrent is an application that provides the torrent downloading service for the user. Upon installation, it will not only create its configurations and data on the computer, some bundles like browser extensions and lightweight programs also come with the program installation. And after installing µTorrent, you will find that this app will display annoying advertisements on the web browser, which will only be disabled when you pay for the upgrade version.

What are common problems to uninstall µTorrent?

  • Don’t know what’s the proper way to remove the program
  • Cannot delete all references and components of the application, and it continue to show up on the computer as well as browser
  • Annoying advertisements coming from the µTorrent continues to display on the web browser

How can effectively remove µTorrent from PC

Manual uninstall with Windows removing feature

As everybody knows that Windows system provides a removing feature, which allows people to remove the program they don’t want to use anymore. So it is for sure we can choose to remove µTorrent in this way. However, there is a point you should notice that, Windows built-in uninstaller cannot achieve a complete removal of this program. You should take more steps additionally to clean out its preferences and traces from the computer.

And here are the whole manual removing steps on PC:

  • Check the task-bar and Task Manager, make sure the program has been stopped running on the computer


  • Click on small Windows icon on the task bar, select Programs and Features
  • Browser the list of programs, and select µTorrent


  • Click on Uninstall to activate the Windows uninstaller
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to complete the removing process, and then you will finish the first stage removal


Reboot your PC, and start to clean those remnant files

  • Click on Windows search box, and enter “regedit”
  • Choose regedit on the search result, and you will access to the Registry Editor


  • Expand the registry grounds inside, and check if it includes some µTorrent’s files
  • Delete those registry keys of µTorrent, and exit the Editor
  • Go to see if the installation folder of the program is still at there, and delete it
  • Open the web browser, disable and delete µTorrent’s browser extension.

When clean out all of files and preferences, you will be able to uninstall the program permanently from the computer. To remove its bundled apps, you should conduct the removing steps in the same way.


Remove µTorrent with advanced app uninstaller

When one need to uninstall µTorrent, it is actually not suggested to take the manual way on Windows to perform the removal. The incomplete removal for the program is always a big trouble for people to get a 100% removal of this program. To handle the perform the app uninstall more effectively and completely, it is more recommended to take a professional uninstaller, which can conduct a thorough and systematic removal for the application.

Advanced app removal tool Total Uninstaller can show you a powerful uninstall for µTorrent and its bundles. And here are the specific steps you can see:

  • Install and start Total Uninstaller on the PC
  • Select µTorrent on the interface of programs list, and click Run Analysis

Remove µTorrent

  • Next, continue to click on Complete Uninstall button, and hit Yes on the new prompt to start the removal


  • Complete the removing process with instructions
  • After that, click Scan Leftovers button to do a second round of scan for the program
  • Click Delete Leftovers to delete all of detected files on the PC


  • Finally, click OK and exit the uninstall to finish the removal, and then you can restart the computer refresh the system.

Extra support tips: Disabling Ads in µTorrent Preferences

  • Start uTorrent, and Click “Options”
  • Select Preferences on the menu, and click on Advanced
  • Scroll down and select “highlight gui.show_plus_upsell” on the list, and enable the “False” under the Advanced Options box
  • Similarly, highlight the following items on the list, and click False respectively:
  • After finishing the above settings, click OK to save and exit

If you don’t want to uninstall µTorrent but wonder a way to avoid its ads, you can block the advertisements with this way on your web browser.



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