How to Uninstall Bundled Apps in HP Laptop


Find many useless or unknown apps on your newly-bought Hewlett Packard(HP) laptop? Do you want to remove them to clear your computer? If you still haven’t found a proper solution for these programs, you can get some useful tips and resolutions from here.

When buy a new HP laptop, we will find that many applications and utilities developed by the the same developer or its cooperator has already been installed on the PC. However, there is no everyone need these programs on their machines. So which one can be removed and how to uninstall them becomes two very common questions for the computer user.

What usually installed on a new HP laptop?

In order to provide a better experiences of using the laptop, Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers some utilities or assistant tools with additional functions on their computes. Actually, there are all extra programs that no indispensable for the system and computer operation. Therefore, people can choose to remove them if they are not useful for themselves. Here are some common apps and utilities bundled in HP laptop:

How to uninstall these bundled apps

If those applications bundled in the HP laptop are all useless for you, all of them can be regarded as the bloatware on your computer. In this case, you can consider to uninstall them from your PC. Both Windows built-in uninstaller and the third party removal tool can conduct the removal, but the advanced removal tool usually performs more professionally than Windows traditional uninstaller to totally remove an app. In addition, other laptops like Dell and Asus also get the same problem, and the bundled apps in these computers also can be removed in the same way.


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