Three Available Ways to Uninstall GoToMyPC on PC

GoToMyPC is a remote desktop tool that can be used to access other computers remotely via web browser. To uninstall GoToMyPC, you can refer to the following optional ways to perform the program removal effectively and smoothly.

uninstall GoToMyPC3

1. Most traditional way – Windows uninstaller

  • Click on small Windows icon in the computer’s bottom left corner
  • Click on “Programs and Features” to access to the Windows uninstaller directory, and you will see a programs list which are available for being uninstalled
  • Select GoToMyPC on the list, and click Uninstall
  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove GoToMyPC and all its components
  • When the removal progress finish, click OK to exit the uninstall wizard
  • Restart the computer if you have no other running programs
  • Log-in and back to the desktop again, go to check and make sure the program’s installation folder has been disappeared
  • Next, enter regedit in Windows’ search box to find and open it
  • Unfold the registry groups inside, and delete the one belonging to GoToMyPC

Since the registry removal error easily cause serious system issues on the computer, inexperienced users might be worry about making such a mistake and delete a wrong registry key. In this case, you can choose to export the specific registry key for backup, thus, you can restore it to the original place if further issue occurs after deleting the registry.

2. Download a specific GoToMyPC uninstaller

GoToMyPC provides a specific uninstall process which can help people to remove itself from the Windows. One can get his process from its official website.

  • Search for GoToMyPC uninstalle and open GoToMyPC uninstaller’s download page
  • Follow the instructions to download the uninstaller
  • Double-click on it to start the removal
  • When finish, restart the computer
  • Like the first manual method, you should make sure the installation folder has been deleted, and also go to find and delete associated registry keys manually. Thus, the program can be totally removed from the computer.

Manual way of removal usually leave a leftovers issue on the computer, so it is necessary to check for remnants after performing the standard removal.

3. Apply a third party remover to uninstall GoToMyPC

As a smart app removal tool, Total Uninstaller also can uninstall GoToMyPC from the computer, some of its scanning and removal algorithm enable users to complete th e program removal more quickly and easily.

  • Get Total Uninstaller on the computer, and register as a premium user
  • Select GoToMyPC on the programs list, and click Run Analysis button
  • Continue to click on Complete Uninstall button at the same place to start the removal
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to finish the first round of removal in a few of seconds
  • After then, click Scan Leftovers button to check for associated files again
  • Click on Delete Leftovers to remove all of components
  • when complete the removal, you can exit the uninstaller, and restart the computer system to refresh

Or you can also check this video to see how to uninstall GoToMyPC with Total Uninstaller:



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