People Can Now Sign Into Microsoft Account Without Password

Sign Into Microsoft Account

Microsoft Account holders now get another handy benefit with their account log-in, that is Microsoft enabling user to sign in without a password with their smartphone.

This is a new update of the Microsoft in recently, with this new feature, people who get a Microsoft account can log into the account without entering the password, to enjoy this service, it requires the user have been able to use the specific application which has been get the two-factor authentication requests previously.

Here is a try for using this feature:

  • Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app on iOS or Android
  • Add your account to the app, and choose enable phone sign-in
  • Try to log-into a website on your PC which requires the Microsoft Account
  • Enter your email at the first page, and next, you will see a selection “Use the Microsoft Authenticator app instead” at the bottom
  • And then, you just need to match the number between your machine and the Microsoft Authenticator app, can then you will be able to log in directly.

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