Log Into Windows Desktop Without Using A Keyboard

Windows On-Screen Keyboard

Most of people think that keyboard is a must when they need to log in a Windows system, is it truth? How about the keyboard break down unexpectedly? Or the computer suddenly has no response to the input from your keyboard? Here, I would like to introduce a way to log in without a keyboard.

For the security of personal privacy, many people set a password for logging into their personal computers, if you don’t configure your account to skip the password, it is inevitable to enter the password in the log-in window; for most of people, they would like to enter the password via the keyboard, however, if you don’t have an available one or the keyboard has no responding at that moment, what do you think to resolve this problem and log into the Windows also? The On-Screen Keyboard will be helpful for you.

On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) is a Windows built-in feature that usually neglected by many people, it can be a good alternative to log-in Windows system, especially when there is not a keyboard which is currently available for you.

  • Start up your computer normally, and you will come to the Windows log-in interface
  • Pay attention to the bottom right corner(Windows 10), you will see three icons available at there, and the icon like a clock with arrows is the OSK you want. (For Windows 7, it appears on the bottom left corner)
  • Click on the icon, and an on-screen keyboard will display on the screen, and you can enter the password with your mouse on the keyboard to complete the log-in


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