File History

How to Backup and Restore File with File History

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  • May 16,2017
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With the Wannacry ransomware spread all around the world, backing files on the computer has been another important thing in currently, and Windows’ File History is a useful utility on the system that enable the user to back up files and data easily. Windows’ File History is a file backup feature available in Windows 8 […]


How to Change Account Password in Windows 10

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  • May 11,2017
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Setting an account and password on Windows is a very common measure for the people to protect their personal privacy on the machine, but there are some cases that people forget what the password is, suspect someone else get the password or just want to change the password which as been used for a long […]

Sign Into Microsoft Account

People Can Now Sign Into Microsoft Account Without Password

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  • Apr 28,2017
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Microsoft Account holders now get another handy benefit with their account log-in, that is Microsoft enabling user to sign in without a password with their smartphone. This is a new update of the Microsoft in recently, with this new feature, people who get a Microsoft account can log into the account without entering the password, […]

Windows Reliability Monitor

How to Fix the PC Problems with Windows Reliability Monitor

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  • Mar 24,2017
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Do you often experience a system error or issue on your computer? Does your computer frequently restart or get frozen without knowing the reason? If these problems often occur on your PC, you should find out the reason and fix them with Windows Reliability Monitor. What’s Windows Reliability Monitor? Reliability Monitor is a built-in [...]

check disk errors in Windows 10

Guides to Check Disk Errors in Windows 10

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  • Feb 08,2017
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Computer system reporting error is always a headache for many common users, and the problems in hard drive are often the causes of these annoying errors on the computer. To find out the specific reason of the error and figure it out, Check Disk utility provided by the Windows OS will be a very useful […]

Bypass Login Screen in Win 10

How to Bypass the Login Screen Automatically in Windows 10

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  • Jan 16,2017
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Since from the Windows 8, Microsoft requires the user to enter their password to log-into their account after starting the computer, and Windows 10 continues this feature and the log-in screen will display be default for any account. If you are the only person that using a specific computer, you can choose to bypass the […]


How to fix common Spotify problems on Windows system

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  • Dec 30,2016
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Spotify is a well-known music service from Sweden, it provides such specific services like podcast, video streaming and music service, however, many people would encounter this of that of issues when using this program on the computer, maybe you are encountering these problems and looking for a resolution to fix them. Common issues of Spotify [...]


How to Change Your PC’s Name in Windows 10

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  • Dec 14,2016
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When people buy a new computer or perform a clean installation of Windows 10, the computer may be set a default name like “windows-user-pc” or “TUF00046491eTE”. Some people just don’t like the name and want to customize a new name they like. If you don’t know how to do, here are just detailed instructions [...]

Change or Convert Word to TXT file

How to Change or Convert Word to TXT file

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  • Dec 05,2016
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TXT is a type of file that does not contain any format inside the content, which enables the user to add the content to any other format of file, and it is much smaller than many others type of documents. As one of the most common use file type, Word documents often need to be […]

Create shutdown icon on Desktop

How Can Create a Shutdown Shortcuts on the Desktop

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  • Dec 02,2016
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Generally, when people need to shutdown the computer, they need to open the Start menu, and select the right shutdown item from the list, and some people might often mistakenly click on Restart item when they just need to shutdown the PC. So, it will be useful for you to create a shutdown icon on […]