How can Totally Remove COMODO Internet Security on Windows

uninstall COMODO Internet Security

Do you get any COMODO Internet Security removing issue on your PC? For people who don’t know to complete the app removal on their devices, it’s very necessary to get the following tips and proper way to uninstall COMODO Internet Security thoroughly.

COMODO Internet Security is a powerful security program for Windows OS, it generally creates a lot of data and configurations on the computer system, and it is often a big task for the common people to take a complete and easy way to remove it from the PC. Most of the time, they would get the following issues when conducting the program removal:

  • COMODO Internet Security causes some running problems and cannot be removed from Windows’ Control Panel
  • Irritating pop-ups continues to appear after the removal
  • Had issues when performing the uninstallation on PC
  • Computer get some error messages or notification after remove the program
  • COMODO Internet Security’s files and records cannot be totally removed from the computer

Proper ways to uninstall COMODO Internet Security completely

1.Apply Windows attached uninstaller

Windows built-in uninstaller can be found in the Control Panel, through which people can remove the app installed on the PC, however, it usually leaves a leftovers problem after the uninstallation, so that you need to clean its remnants after finishing the removal with the uninstaller.

How to access the Windows uninstaller:
Right-click on the Windows (Start) icon, and click on Programs and Features/Apps and Features

2.Use Comodo Official Uninstaller

Comodo produce a specific uninstaller which is available on its official website, and it can be used to uninstall the Comodo apps installed on users’ PCs, so you can choose to uninstall COMODO Internet Security with this utility. However, like the manual removal on Windows, it will also cause a leftover issue can requires you to clean its remain manually.

3.Invite a professional uninstall tool

Professional uninstaller is a third party program available online, it is specially used to remove unwanted programs on computer. Different with the above methods, it is regarded as the most professional way that can thoroughly remove the program on PC, and people don’t need to take more steps to deal with the leftovers.


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