How Can Thoroughly Uninstall Skype on Windows PC

uninstall Skype

Want to uninstall Skype but you can’t complete this app removal on your PC? I think many people get the same problem so you guys wanna look for a good way from this post to handle it on your own computers. Let’s cut the cackle and get down to business.

Backup your data before remove it

Since Skype is a communication tool that you may used it frequently beforehand, it is suggested to backup your important data if there are important and necessary for you.

Start to uninstall Skype with complete removing steps

What would be the first option you would like to choose to perform the removal? Many people stuck in annoying removing problems when they try to remove Skype via the Windows built-in uninstall feature, so hereby, I would not advise you to delete the program in this way, alternative, a professional uninstall tool will be more effective to uninstall Skype, it is able to scan out all of associated files and provide a quick removal with its advanced algorithms.

Steps to uninstall Skype with a reliable uninstaller

  • Stop Skype running on your computer
  • Install and open the uninstaller, click on Skype (if you cannot find Skype available on the list, you can refresh the list or click on the scan button)
  • Click Uninstall or Remove button to start the removal, and follow the uninstall wizard to complete all of steps
  • When the removal is finished, exit the uninstaller and restart your computer

How to handle the incomplete removal caused by Windows uninstaller

If you had uninstalled Skype by yourself but resulted in an unsuccessful or incomplete removal, you can try the following solution to clean the associated files from the computer:

  • Open the installation folder of the program, and erase every thing inside the folder
  • Type “regedit” in the Windows search box, and click to open Regedit (Registry Editor)
  • Unfold the registry group, and delete the one belonging to the Skype app


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